I wrote a BOOK!

I did it! I wrote a book....well I'd like to think of it more of a personal journal in book form but at any rate it exists and it's HERE!

One thing about me is that I prioritize the importance of the black LGBTQIA + community and highlighting black queer stories. So now is the chance for me to tell mine.

Naturally I gravitated towards a subject matter that everyone can relate to, the pursuit of love, or in my case the many failures of trying to find it in the endless rabbit hole of online dating apps.

The book is aptly titled 'Swiped Out: A Guide Derived From Tales and Fails of Dating Online As A Black Gay Male.' Rolls right of the tongue doesn't it?

In the past, I have worked as a host/writer for several outlets, providing on camera press coverage for networks like Fox, BET, TV One, Afterbuzz TV and more. So this book details all of the online dating disasters from my days interning at college to my most recent years in trying to "make it" in the big city of LA.

This includes my run ins with celebs/influencers, as well as the creation of my interview web series, # BlackGaySlay and its ever-wavering fate.

Check out the book's official synopsis below:

Summary: Have you ever gone for an innocent online meet up and ended up auditioning for an adult film? How about having someone just completely dump you for being a barb? Or that one time your mom nearly stole your man?

This is my personal journal of online dating disasters as a black queer zillenial man.

Now this isn't a book about being black or gay, exclusively. Those are markers of my identity to contextualize the story.

This is just your average run of the mill game-playing, ghosting, and goofy shenanigans that ensue when you come across married men, sugar daddies, social media influencers and other questionable characters...all while being neurodivergent and dating.


Oh and I almost forgot the best part...It has pictures!

Swiped Out is available now on Amazon.